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Our Investment Philosophy

Pacific Hospitality Group’s investment philosophy is simple: maximize returns for investor partners by enhancing asset value. Being an owner-operator, investor and management interests are aligned through an intense focus on bottom-line profitability. We strive to unlock hidden asset value through aggressive revenue growth, while constantly improving operating and financing efficiencies. We are committed to growing our market share and adding value to our hotel portfolio through intelligent asset renovations, repositioning, and expansion.

Focused on maximizing investor partner value through a comprehensive approach to hotel management, our acquisition strategy is centered on acquiring and developing 1) independent, lifestyle hotels and resorts within our Meritage Collection, and 2) upscale select service hotels with internationally recognized brands, all with approximately 150 guestrooms or more, and generous amounts of conference/meeting space and hotel amenities.

Our Investment Structure

Our investor partners are a common pool of high net-worth family offices and private equity. Many of our investor partners have been with us for over 15 years and have participated in most of our hotel investments.

Hotel investments are similarly structured with a 9% per annum preferred return paid, then return of all original equity capital prior to the promote participating. Being long-term holders of assets, investor returns are paid through cash-flow distributions and liquidity events such as refinances. We enjoy excellent relationships with our lenders whom we view as essential partners in our quest to be the best.

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